good at the game

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i don't have the screenshots, but here's my list of cave story-specific accomplishments:
- 2:59:9 on sacred grounds
- 1:56 or something for wind fortress
- completed on hard mode
- completed with usb driving wheel
- completed all versions except wii
- i have never played a cave story mod i could not beat. i have played very many

i should really start saving stepmania scores, huh?
it's not particularly worth noting, but i also have 100% in some other "difficult" platformers like 1001 spikes.
can't be that hard though, since i did it in middle school.
also, the acceptance screenshot probably looks weird to anyone who's played.
i changed a couple variables in the files to make it play in the overworld tileset instead of the retro one because i couldn't stand looking at it any longer.
it looks like i added some ground that would catch me if i fell, but that's just a visual bug. i would pass right through.
you can see the full traditional achievement list on steam.

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embodiment of scarlet devil is the hardest touhou game, undoubtedly!