Fonts 5 - Evanescence, it is personified! As that inferno fluxuates, so does the penultimate of the heptads, the one commanding the iconoclastic apparitions! At world end, rock and heaven, soul and sea, fade, yet it does not matter. For that melody had long since saved all. It has already reached [AMORTALITY]

Experience FUTURE. Experience RHYTHM. Experience TWO-FOURTY BPM STREAMS, funky MAP GIMMICKS, and everything in between.

Reach [AMORTALITY]. Bring the broken world back together.

You can also play it in StepMania if you want.
- Story mode
- Flow and Flux difficulty (hard and harder)
- Flow and Flux difficulty tracks
- Flux-unique track
- Flow-unique track
- Story mode cutscene tracks
- Completion and FC marks
- Gimmicks that range from aesthetically neat to lunatic-difficulty
- 6 noteskins
- Secrets???
- Source code (GML)
- Mobile version, if you hate yourself

Do you really think you can do it?